Buy the Rights
  • Published in 2017
  • Players: 3-10+
  • Ages: 14+
  • Takes 30+ Minutes to play

Buy the Rights is the fast-paced, fun-filled party game for the movie lover in us all. It only takes a minute to learn and is filled with almost infinite creative combinations. Buy the Rights is a game that can be enjoyed in the dorm room and the family room.

In Buy the Rights, players create their own movies based on four decks of cards. Each round, one player is the Producer and the other players are Screenwriters. Using the cards as a starting point, Screenwriters pitch their movies to the Producer, who then buys the rights to their favorite ideas. Players get as creative as it takes to out pitch their friends and make the most cash!

"Of all the vast multitude of party games spawned by the success of Apples to Apples ... Buy the Rights is the funniest and funnest." - Bernie De Koven, Author of ‘The Well-Played Game’
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